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Cybersecurity Webinar: How to Protect Your Organization in the Age of Remote Work & Ransomware 2.0

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Ransomware attacks are not only one of the costliest threats for businesses, they are also the go-to tool for terrorists, hackers and state sponsored hacking organizations. These attacks are only becoming more common as companies are more fragmented with work from home employees and an ever expanding perimeter. 

When your organization’s most precious asset is its data, how can you keep it secure? In this entertaining and informative webinar, cyber-security expert, ethical hacker, and former U.S. Marine Bryan Seely walks you through what your organization needs to do (and not do) to protect itself from the latest cybersecurity threats.

What Will You Learn?

  • What is Ransomware 2.0

  • What is Double Extortion?

  • What should you do if you get hit with a Ransomware Attack?

  • What should you not do if you get hit with a Ransomware Attack?

  • And more!

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