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Earth from Space

On January 26th, 2024, Space Data Hackers hosted a fantastic meetup diving into the critical topic of cybersecurity for space systems. Abhi Thorat led the charge being a renowned expert in the field.


His presentation, titled "Securing the Final Frontier: Cyber Resiliency for Space Systems - 2024-01-26," explored the importance of fortifying our space infrastructure against cyber threats.

Abhi emphasized the need for robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard these vital systems. His speech delved specifically into the application of the NIST 8401 Framework. This framework provides a roadmap for organizations to assess and enhance their cybersecurity posture. The discussion went further, exploring how this framework can be effectively adapted for Ground Control Systems – the unsung heroes of spacecraft communication and control.

This web meetup served as a crucial reminder that even the "Final Frontier" needs robust defenses. By implementing strong cybersecurity practices, we can ensure the continued success of our space exploration endeavors.

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