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Secure Intelligent Transportation Solutions Integration: Revolutionizing Smart Cities

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Secure Intelligent Transportation Solutions diagram

In the dynamic landscape of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Smart Cities, the collaboration between Strategic Alliance Consulting (SAC) and Tecore has heralded a groundbreaking era with a first-of-its-kind vertically integrated communications solution. This joint endeavor, certified under SAE / ISO 21434 standards, represents not only a success story but a paradigm shift in secure intelligent transportation solutions integration for smart cities.

The Genesis of Success:

Strategic Alliance Consulting and Tecore, two industry leaders, joined forces to engineer a first-of-its-kind solution that seamlessly integrates secure communication systems, setting new standards for ITS and Smart City enablement. This partnership has already gained recognition, being embraced by municipalities across the nation and proving its scalability to accommodate the evolving needs of thousands of end-users.

A Symphony of Expertise:

The core strength of this collaboration lies in the collective proficiency of a joint team comprising cybersecurity, V2X, and 5G experts. Their combined skills enable a comprehensive suite of applications, ranging from Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Automated Electric Vehicles (A-EVs) to Intelligent Traffic Management Systems (ITMS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This multidisciplinary approach positions the SAC - Tecore alliance as an unparalleled force in the smart city landscape.

Under the Hood:

Delving into the technical foundations, the vertically-integrated communications solution was meticulously crafted by an interdisciplinary team of Transport, IT, Cyber Security, and Cloud engineers. The architecture boasts features such as scalable C

BRS Licensed, Unlicensed, and 5G technologies, a certified SAE / ISO 21434 framework, end-to-end cybersecurity services, and encryption ensuring compliance while minimizing risk. Notably, the vendor-agnostic approach adds a layer of customizability, catering to the diverse needs of smart city infrastructure ecosystems.

Real-World Secure Intelligent Transportation Solutions Integration:

The success story takes a tangible form in the collaboration with a next-gen rapid transit autonomous system provider. Faced with the challenge of developing and testing a secure communication system for ensuring the safety of autonomous vehicles, the SAC-Tecore alliance rose to the occasion. The result was a secure, vertically-integrated communications system utilizing CBRS and 4G, designed with future scalability and 5G in mind. This system has enabled smart city technology, with cities and counties across California already implementing this revolutionary solution.

Thought Leadership in Action:

This success story extends beyond mere accomplishment. The SAC - Tecore alliance believes in anticipating the future needs of smart cities and ITS, evident in the architecture's future-proofing. As the industry evolves, the system can seamlessly scale to 5G, ISM, and other mobility communications, providing a testament to the alliance's foresight and commitment to staying ahead of the curve.


In the ever-evolving landscape of ITS and Smart Cities, the SAC - Tecore collaboration stands as a beacon of innovation and success. This vertically-integrated communications solution not only meets the current demands but anticipates the future needs of smart city technology. As municipalities nationwide embrace this revolutionary system, the alliance is poised to shape the future of secure and intelligent communication systems for the urban landscapes of tomorrow.

Authored By: Yash Deshpande Research Analyst Steven Hoag Marketing Consultant

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