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Mission-Critical Network Upgrade With Wireless & Security Integration


A large county in North California with nearly a million in population, made of 20 municipalities and an annual revenue of $2 billion was in the midst of a massive network infrastructure upgrade to overhaul their mission-critical services. These services included emergency health services, public safety communications and public Wi-Fi to support low-income households and students. The County had set aggressive deadlines, but lacked the expertise and resources to meet expectations.

Consequently, the county and its vendor partner approached SAC to lead the infrastructure upgrade initiative.


SAC deployed a cross-functional team to design and build a secure and reliable network infrastructure. This included the following projects:

1. County-wide network upgrade:

  • Assess & Document what is needed for the upgrade

  • Plan for the network migration including prepare configuration with port assignments

  • Network migration and cutover including rack and stack, data center build

2. First responders wireless integration with body camera, in-car video devices:

  • Understanding the existing architecture

  • Design the wireless network to integrate with the devices

  • Build and test

3. Network security monitoring platform upgrade for 1000+ network devices:

  • Replace existing networking platform due to Solarwinds hack

  • Integrate the newer more secure monitoring platform

  • Configure advanced features to proactively generate threshold based alarms

4. Enterprise wireless infrastructure upgrade for county-wide 1000+ Public Wi-Fi Access Points:

  • Consolidate multi-zone wireless networks for better management

  • Upgrade wireless controllers and mobility masters for better performance


The SAC team was successful in meeting the County’s aggressive deadlines. With more secure and reliable connectivity, the county was able to respond more effectively to emergencies, including COVID-19.


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