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FirstNet Wireless Network Integration and Testing with vEPC


A major U.S. telecom company was in the process of implementing FirstNet, a nationwide wireless broadband network for first responders. This network represented a first of its kind public-private partnership with the federal government that would offer public safety services for a custom, IP-based, high speed communications network.

In order to accomplish these lofty goals, the company needed a technology partner who understood their existing 4G architecture and how FirstNet could be integrated with said system within a short timeframe. This would involve designing, integrating, and testing the FirstNet solution on the company’s virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) to ensure nationwide scalability. The organization reached out to Strategic Alliance Consulting (SAC), which had successfully delivered other mission-critical projects.


The SAC team swiftly analyzed the client’s needs and delivered a small team of experts in design validation, testing, and production who were currently involved on a separate project with the same client. The consultants immediately began work on the design, integration, and testing of FirstNet on the vEPC, which represented the processing core of the wireless network.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the project, the team efficiently and effectively delivered on the client’s milestones.


SAC’s ability to rapidly complete the design, integration, and testing of FirstNet contributed to a variety of mission critical feature additions, including MC-PTT Push-To-Talk functionality. Additionally, the success of the project meant that first responders would soon enjoy the following benefits:

  • ​More efficient rescue and recovery operations

  • Faster access to critical information

  • Increased development of public safety centric IoT and smart city solutions, including emergency route guidance

  • Enablement of more advanced capabilities like near real-time access to wearable sensors and cameras for first responders and drones

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