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First Responders Wireless Integration


The sheriff’s department of a large county was in need of a network transformation of its legacy wired system in order to support emerging technologies. The county was planning to adopt advanced technologies such as body cameras and in-car video recording and uploading, all of which required next-generation wireless technologies with a cloud-controlled infrastructure. The department turned to SAC, who already had an established relationship with the county.


SAC stepped in and leveraged its cross-functional expertise in network, security, wireless and cloud technologies to provide:

  • An assessment of the current network architecture and design

  • Updated network design recommendations with enhanced security features

  • The planning, execution, and validation of the wireless and cloud integration


The network transformation was a success and allowed the department to utilize a more secure and efficient means of recording and uploading data feeds from the officer body camera and in-car recording systems. This led to improved situational awareness and de-escalation capabilities, thanks to the advanced imaging and sound recording capabilities and seamless connectivity between officers on the street and their remote command centers. Additionally, law enforcement was given real-time forensic evidence to make more informed decisions and improve transparency and community trust.


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