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Enterprise Wireless Upgrade for Large County

Updated: Apr 26, 2022


A large county was developing a digital transformation strategy and realized the need to upgrade their wireless infrastructure to ensure scalability. The County’s wireless access points had increased to over 1,000 and the control and management system needed to be re-architected to provide redundancy and efficient management.


SAC quickly stepped in to assist with the enterprise wireless upgrade and provided:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the county’s wireless infrastructure.

  • The re-design, build, and configuration of new mobility controller servers using Aruba 10.0

  • The implementation of the wireless upgrade, including documentation and ongoing support


The wireless upgrade went smoothly and the County was able to dramatically improve their infrastructure’s capabilities. The new network enabled seamless scalability, while the thorough documentation and efficient implementation ensured business continuity, user-friendly management, and reduced operational costs.


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