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Design and PoC of IPv6 & ILA for Telecom


A Tier 1 wireless service provider was considering adopting IPv6 and ILA (Identifier-locator addressing) technology to improve its wireless efficiency, security, and network management. It lacked the expertise to build the proof-of-concept (PoC) for validation.

The service provider reached out to the Strategic Alliance Consulting (SAC) to deliver a team of experts to test and identify any issues with the proof-of-concept.


SAC met with senior management to understand and identify the core competencies needed to design, setup, and test the PoC. The client required high-level design implementation expertise, particularly at the architectural level.

SAC identified and trained a team of consultants using a custom training program to ensure the client’s specific needs were met. The team was then deployed to identify any gaps in the proof-of-concept that prevented it from meeting technology standards and the client’s intended design goals.


The SAC team identified that message exchanges failed to comply with 3GPP standards. This finding meant that the proof-of-concept’s applicability and capabilities were limited and did not meet the client’s standards.

Consequently, the wireless service provider requested that the third-party vendor address these bugs with a new version of the proof-of-concept.


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