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County Network Upgrade for Mission-Critical Services


A large county had initiated a network upgrade project as part of their larger digital transformation strategy to improve their network performance and reliability for mission critical services. Aggressive timelines were set in order to address capacity and responsiveness issues to tackle threats such as Covid-19. The county turned to SAC, whose specialized expertise and domain knowledge was required to ensure the success of the initiative.


Leveraging in-house best practices, SAC developed their approach to include:

Assessing & documenting what is needed for the upgrade:

  • Surveying and documenting the current state of the IDF/ MDF/ Wiring closet

  • Identifying the space, power, cabling and other environmental factors affecting the migration

Planning for the network migration:

  • Creating a cluster of network switches

  • Site-specific configuration

  • Designing & planning power distribution redundancies

Network migration and cutover

  • Rack and stack, data center build

  • Performing a risk assessment with stakeholders to schedule the maintenance window for the migration

  • Spearheading the migration

  • Validating that service had been restored within the planned maintenance window


SAC’s partnership with the county was a success. The migration went smoothly thanks to thorough planning, documentation, and execution. Overall, SAC’s expertise helped to minimize the service impact, and the county was able to continue its digital transformation efforts without delay.


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