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Automotive Nationwide Data Center Consolidation

Updated: May 22, 2022


An international auto manufacturer with hundreds of locations nationwide was beginning a new initiative to consolidate its data centers. Currently, various locations were using their own on-premise data centers and applications, resulting in significant costs and operational inefficiencies. The organization wanted to consolidate its data centers into a primary location in New Jersey, where its dealer and corporate locations could share resources. The manufacturer had already designed the solution, but lacked the expertise to configure, secure, and train its people in the new processes and technologies.


SAC quickly stepped in to complete the organization’s data center consolidation project. SAC’s deliverables included the configuration, validation and deployment of:

  • Fully meshed redundant network architecture

  • Secured, multi-tiered services and application zones

  • Web application load balancing & SSL offloading using Cisco ACE modules

  • Security policies, traffic anomaly rules: Juniper IDP/ IPS

  • Internet proxy, security proxy: IronPort Web Security Appliance

  • Network Operations Center to monitor the new infrastructure


Upon completion of the project, the auto manufacturer now possessed a tiered, segregated network ready for nationwide use. The new data center boosted operational efficiencies and productivity, reduced costs, enhanced security, enabled superior disaster recovery, and heightened business agility.


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