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5G Core Security Test Automation

Updated: Dec 5, 2023


A Tier 1 wireless service provider was in the midst of a multi-phase, cloud-native based 5G SA Core network transformation initiative to enable its customers’ digital transformation. The service provider’s objective for the next phase was to provide secure ultra-low latency connectivity for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications in order to generate new markets and revenue streams for itself and its customers.

Phase 2 of the 5G network transformation effort required re-architecting their PKI infrastructure, which was critical for encryption, key management, infrastructure & virtualization security. A necessary first step involved automating their security testing processes which had been preventing the client from efficiently scaling and meeting project deadlines. The wireless service provider turned to SAC, whose cross-functional consultants had already assisted with Phase 1 of the 5G project.


SAC’s solutions architect interviewed the client’s stakeholders to understand their pain points. The wireless service provider needed systems engineers with expertise in 5G, Robot Framework, and Python. SAC recruited a team of engineers with no prior knowledge of 5G, and quickly trained them using proprietary labs. The SAC consultants then began re-architecting the PKI infrastructure based on their analysis. The engineers successfully automated and documented the security testing processes, and trained the client’s developers to ensure they would be able to take over.


Thanks to the deep expertise of its consultants, SAC was able to complete the project with a 50% reduction in resources, costs, and turnaround time. More importantly, SAC successfully delivered on all of the client’s requirements. The PKI infrastructure solution transformed the 5G SA Core’s security capabilities, and the wireless service provider was now able to test and rollout updates more efficiently.

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