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4G CUPs Integration and Testing for Telecom


A tier 1 wireless service provider was in the process of a 5G network transformation and needed to implement 4G control user plane separation (CUPS) technology as a necessary, intermediary step. A 4G CUPS design document had already been created for the implementation, but the organization lacked the necessary resources and expertise to achieve its goal.

The telecom company turned to Strategic Alliance Consulting (SAC) to analyze the design document, create a test objective list (TOL), and integrate and test the technology based on the client’s design.


SAC interviewed one of the client’s senior directors to understand their needs and pain points. Ultimately, the client needed two resources with design-level understanding of specifications for the 4G CUPS node implementation. SAC quickly found individuals meeting their requirements and trained them in order to minimize any overhead costs, while maximizing value generation.

The team began their analysis of the design document and developed a TOL, which included test case creation, execution, and validation. Any issues related to the design implementation and network routing were quickly identified and resolved.


The SAC team was able to complete the project on time and the separation of the control and user plane was successful. The client was now able to reduce latency on application services and support more data traffic. Another benefit was that they could now independently evolve, locate, and scale the control and user plane resources. Most importantly, SAC’s contributions led to the implementation being rolled out to production and the client being one step closer to next-gen 5G capabilities.


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