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Automotive Cybersecurity Assessments

Ensure compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 to protect your connected vehicles 

Custom cybersecurity assessment solutions for connected vehicles

Are your connected vehicles secure from emerging threats and compliant with ISO/SAE 24134? Are your threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) processes or tools slowing you down? 

ISO/SAE 21434 defines the TARA methodology and how to implement it within a vehicle cybersecurity engineering process at full vehicle, system, and component levels.
 We've developed custom TARA solutions to ensure you have the tools, processes, and people to safeguard your vehicles, while becoming compliant with critical standards like ISO/SAE 24134. 

Strategic Alliance Consulting (SAC) is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE Intl.)

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Is your organization facing these issues with vehicle cybersecurity?

Best Practices

Don't overlook the importance of overhauling your cybersecurity processes when it comes to protecting your business and products against cyber attacks. Our team can empower your people with the latest cybersecurity best practices, training, and methodologies. We can even help you create and seamlessly integrate a cybersecurity organization within your business. .

SAC Innovation Labs

Do you need to validate the security for a proof-of-concept within an embedded system? Our Innovation Labs can accelerate your cybersecurity testing velocity so you can go-to-market faster, while utilizing fewer resources overall. 

Cybersecurity Assessment

We will assess your systems to discover potential threats and evaluate your risk profile. Our team of cybersecurity experts will also provide comprehensive analysis into likely attack vectors and methods to ensure you know how to fortify your systems.

Penetration Testing

Our white-hat hackers will use cutting-edge, data-driven methods to develop robust penetration tests to validate your embedded systems. Our goal is to challenge your assumptions and uncover security blind-spots by testing your systems from every angle to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Systems Cybersecurity Engineering

If your organization comes under cyber attack, what core systems need to remain fully-operational and impervious to threats? Our team of engineers will identify all system components and take a holistic view of your systems' lifecycle to identify vulnerabilities and fortify your systems. 

Data Science, AI, and Predictive Analytics

To ensure secure and reliable performance, the future of embedded automotive systems security will revolve around data, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Our team will harness your data to transform your predictive capabilities, so you can stay two-steps ahead of future threats and the competition.

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