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Solutions Architecture

Solution architectures that actually work

  • Discovery sessions to understand the customers business requirements and drivers.

  • Define key success metrics based on critical success factors from conception to deployment.

  • Spearhead development of methodologies and solutions with a vendor agnostic approach.

  • Develop and document the Reference architecture, RFI and analyze vendor RFP responses.

Design and Engineering

Transform high-level documentation into network design

  • Convert high-level architecture documents into network design documents.

  • Develop detailed design and engineering documents such as the Engineering Design Package.

  • Convert conceptual designs into physical topology, rack, wiring layouts and device configurations.

  • Implement Cloud-native architecture for CI/ CD pipeline workflow.

Validation and Testing

Validate and benchmark performance to requirements

  • Develop Benchmarks and Test Objectives List (TOL) as per the design specifications.

  • Run compliance, functional, capacity, and performance testing using test tools.

  • Develop and implement Test Automation using Robot Framework.

Integration and Deployment

Deploy your new architecture with confidence

  • Develop and test Deployment Guidelines and Method of Procedures.

  • Perform the first production deployment in a controlled environment.

  • Identify, troubleshoot, and document any issues during deployment.

  • Train production team to manage and support new cloud infrastructure.



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