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Your security is our number one priority

Secure your critical systems from internal and external threats

We help organizations like yours stay protected against cyber threats by identifying gaps and vulnerabilities across all your infrastructure, containers, applications, and endpoints. Unlike many so-called solutions that pay lip service to cyber security, we K.O. bad actors before they even know what hit them.

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Service Engagement Models

  • Professional Services

  • Staff augment

  • Test-as-a-Service

  • Lab-as-a-Service

  • Integration-as-a-Service

Penetration Testing

We poke holes in your infrastructure (literally) to identify and address any and all security gaps and vulnerabilities. Our ‘pen testing’ technicians will thoroughly go through every cyber nook and cranny of your environment to locate weak points before the bad guys do. Let our team of ethical hackers detect and fill any and all gaps to ensure the safety and security of your entire cloud environment, network, and applications.

Scenario-based Testing

Scenario-testing is our no-holds barred approach to evaluating the strength of your cyber security strategy. Here, we take pen testing to the next level by evaluating your environment against all the specific tactics and behaviors that bad actors frequently employ. Let our SAC specialists run through real-life assessments to discover your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to real-time threats against your organization. You’ll never be caught off guard again.

Web Application Testing

We rigorously apply the same principles of penetration testing to your websites and mobile applications to find and eliminate bugs, malware, or other weak points that could lead to a breach in your environment. No matter whether developed in-house or by third parties, we cover each step of your continuous integration and continuous deployment/delivery (CI/CD) lifecycle to expose and repair any and all gaps and vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering

At SAC, we’re all too familiar with the subtle and not-so-subtle tactics that cyber criminals use to infiltrate organizations. From email phishing to vishing and swishing to pretexting, we’ve seen it all. We’ll put our skills, tools, and resources to work for you in order to protect your organization and prevent attacks before any serious damage is done.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Our team of experts are ready 24/7 to assess and detect all risks across your organization. Through a rigorous top-to-bottom analysis, we apply the latest automation technologies to detect any vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, network, or firewall that could lead to surprise attacks.