Network Security Monitoring Platform
 Network Security Monitoring Platform

County network upgrade:

Network Security Monitoring Platform

1. The recent Solar winds hack compromised network security and exposed the IT infrastructure to threats.
2. Client infrastructure was unstructured, ad hoc, needed to be overhauled.
3. Following the industry trend the customer after evaluating various network securities and monitoring the customer decided to replace Solar winds with another system.


4. What did we do?
   Lead and support integration of the new product


5. How did we approach it?
  - Assess, organize, plan and implement
  - Setting severities for incidents
  - Managing notifications


a. Bi-directional integration with Netreo
b. CMDB/Discovery Integration
c. ITSM Functional Areas
i. Fault management
ii. Capacity management
iii. accounting management
iv. performance management
v.  security management



Network Security Monitoring Platform

A large county had initiated a network upgrade project as part of their larger digital transformation strategy to support mission-critical services. The network upgrade initiative was becoming increasingly important due to the recent Solar Winds hack, which had exposed vulnerabilities across thousands of organizations. As a Solar Winds customer, the County needed to move quickly to switch to another network security provider that could integrate with Service Now. Additionally, the County desired to implement ITSM best practices to improve the IT department’s productivity and operational control, as well as boost end-user satisfaction. 


Network Security Monitoring Platform

SAC deployed a small team of consultants and utilizedITSM best practices to provide:

- A comprehensive assessment of the county’s network security capabilities.
- Project management expertise to lead the integration of Netreo, the new network security platform, with Service Now.
- Incident reporting configuration using Netreo and Service Now.
- Notifications configuration using Service Now.


Network Security Monitoring Platform

The network upgrade was a success. SAC was able to successfully implement Netreo, as well as integrate it with Service Now. The County’s network was now more secure and robust, with the added benefit of significantly improving the IT department’s productivity and control over the network.